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What's Your Manifesto? Feb 02, 2023

Personal manifestos can be powerful allies in daily life.

Why is that?

First, let's break down how your brain works.

Your brain's directive is to focus on two things:

  • Fears (Survival)
  • Goals (Fulfillment)

If left to its own devices your brain will always lean towards fears.

Because how else are...

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Chris's Story of Transmuting Seas of Despair Jan 26, 2023

Warning: This is a raw story of transformation. If you do not like explicit language or want to hear about moderate to severe traumas. Please skip this Blog Post.


Meet Chris,

(FYI you can see a picture of him below!)

Chris transformed his identity from the one who believed he was...

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The Direct Path To Accomplishing Your Boldest Goals 🚀📈 Jan 12, 2023

Let's distill the most potent process to achieving your goals...

Step 1.
Align yourself with who you intend on Becoming.
Write down these 3 things:
  • Beliefs
  • Behaviors
  • Traits 
Now spend some time reflecting and gaining crystal clear clarity on who and what you want...
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The Golden Life
Guest Post: Takeaways from the Exploring Possibilities Podcast
Guest Post: Takeaways from the Exploring Possibilities Podcast Dec 08, 2022

This is a guest post from Exploring Possibilities Over Coffee Podcast (E003) guest, Matt Espeut.


Here’s my takeaways from our podcast

Go local 10/22/2022

My Struggles & Issues resolved

I was recently a guest on a podcast hosted by High Performance Coach, friend, and Project...

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How To Remove Regret From Your Life Nov 18, 2022

You create the lens through which you view life.

Taking responsibility for this is the most powerful way to be.

The fun thing is, we can cultivate a superpower to view life from different angles.

These are called Frames of Reference (F.O.R.), and today's F.O.R. is "Keep The Reaper In The...

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Understanding The 4 Stages of Creation Nov 10, 2022

Do you want to create a life of your own choosing?

Then it is time to understand where you are in the Cycle of Creation!

One day I was taking notes on a book and a light bulb moment happened. 

All of a sudden the "Cycle of Creation" appeared...

Inspired by both the Flow Cycle (struggle,...

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