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How To Remove Regret From Your Life

awareness clarity death frames of reference motivation regret Nov 18, 2022

You create the lens through which you view life.

Taking responsibility for this is the most powerful way to be.

The fun thing is, we can cultivate a superpower to view life from different angles.

These are called Frames of Reference (F.O.R.), and today's F.O.R. is "Keep The Reaper In The Rearview."

Imagine how you would live if you always kept the Grim Reaper in your Rearview Mirror?

Practically ask yourself: "If I only had six months to live, what would I do now?"

Here are some other questions you can ask yourself:

"What would I create next?"

"Who would I call and tell them how much I love them?"

"What problems would I let go of?"

"What wild thing would I say, love, or do?"

You can visualize F.O.R.'s like a pair of sunglasses (or in this case rearview mirror).

Every so often throughout your day, you throw on the new F.O.R. and see what insights come up.

Hopefully today, you do that thing, make that call, or say the thing you would regret if it was never said.

Keep the Reaper in the Rearview, and you will keep Regret in the Grave.

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