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Chris's Story of Transmuting Seas of Despair

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Warning: This is a raw story of transformation. If you do not like explicit language or want to hear about moderate to severe traumas. Please skip this Blog Post.


Meet Chris,

(FYI you can see a picture of him below!)

Chris transformed his identity from the one who believed he was legitimately cursed (because he lost multiple loved ones to suicide) to becoming "The Sheppard of Lost Souls."

Let's step into Chris's shoes for a moment...

Chris grew up with an Alcoholic Father who bullied him his entire life. At one point, he even got a straight "fuck you" from the man who brought him into this world.

With such a big heart this caused Chris to severely doubt himself because he knew that wasn't right (especially as the son typically idolizes their father). This caused him to continuously ask himself "what the fuck did I do wrong?"

This later became a filter on Chris's reality, where deep down he believed he was "never going to be enough" and was set up for "a life of failure."

Now, we ALL have some version of our own childhood "fucked upness," but here's where Chris's story gets even darker. Not only did he marry someone that put him back in the old pattern of feeling bullied...

He experienced some of the darkest pain we can experience as human beings: Loved ones taking their own life.

Not just once.

Not just twice.

MULTIPLE times throughout his life.

To the point, Chris came to me and thought he was legitimately cursed.

Now he said it in a nicer way. His exact words were: "what is it about me that I am a catalyst for broken people to ascend to heaven?"

Imagine the weight of living this statement as if that is who you are.

We all suffer from some level of lack of self-love and self-trust. It is part of the experience of being born into a world where scarcity and lack of connection to the divine run rampant.

So Chris had two choices... 

1. Get crushed by the unbearable weight and eventually follow the same path as his loved ones.

2. Choose to love himself and follow the tiniest glimmer of hope that there is some way out of his despair and suffering.

Obviously, he chose the latter...

I happen to call him up one day and told him about this new "experience of transmuting traumas" I created, and that glimmer of hope turned into a beacon.

He showed up, committed fully to the process, but more importantly surrendered. This gave him the space to hear the divine messages he needed to hear to transcend the "lead" crushing his soul.

Instead of believing he was the "Catcylst for broken souls" he walked away proudly understanding he is the "Sheppard of lost souls." 

The savage servant who can navigate the darkest seas, doing so as the captain of Love, and be the lighthouse for others who lose their way.

Yet, this wasn't the only transformation. He walked away more importantly experiencing a newfound love and acceptance of himself and joy in how he serves unique gifts.

After we reconnected six months later he even said "I know that my queen is on the way because I have been overflowing in self-love since our last time together."

This is the process of transmuting traumas into gold.


 Dear Reader,

I want to remind you that you have unique magic to share with the world.

Your traumas can weigh you down, or you can choose the harder choice to love yourself and commit to walking the path toward freedom.

You deserve it.

Your loved ones deserve it.

The world is waiting for it.

If this story stirred up something in your soul, it's time that we connect. 

I'm here to help you shine your true light into this world.

To become the lighthouse the world so desperately needs. 

To walk others home, to the centers of our hearts. 

To co-create a new era where we have the tools to experience that we are deeply supported by the universe itself.

Email me directly at: [email protected]

(P.S. If you know someone that can benefit from reading this, please share it with them!)


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