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5 Minutes Away From An Infinitely Better Day

alchemy awareness becoming beliefs commitment motivation personal growth spirtual awakening worthiness Mar 31, 2023

No matter what your beliefs are today I want to share an important reminder...


You are a being made of the Infinite Energy of the Cosmos.


This energy is directly sourced from the Golden Potential of our Creator.


Which means your True Essence is Pure Possibility.


On top of that, you have the honor of commanding a Kingdom of 75 Trillion Cells.


What if you carved out 5 minutes today to celebrate this?


To sit comfortably in the awe-inducing mystery of it all.


To even attempt to think as our creator thinks.


You might be asking, how does God think? 


This excerpt from the book, “The Way of Mastery” sums it up best (IMO).


“…God thinks lovingly. God thinks infinitely, timelessly, patiently, certainly, and above all, God thinks play-fully - full of play!


If you took a moment to just sit and feel ONE of these qualities, I’m positive your day would be infinitely better. 



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