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Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

alchemy awareness becoming clarity motivation personal growth personal legend possibility purpose Apr 20, 2023


If you are anything like me, you have been driven by one thing.

To fulfill your life’s purpose in this lifetime.


I know I can speak from my own experience that attempting to do that is one rollercoaster of a path.

You might feel like you are lost in a dark forest, to one day feeling on top of the world, to once again feeling completely confused and discouraged.

But from a young age, I realized that we only have one main purpose in life.

That is to fulfill our own potential.

Because when we do, we help all of mankind fulfill its potential in the process.

(We even help all of the Cosmos in its fullest evolution!)

Now that is much easier said than done.

But I made this video that shares how my tattoo sleeve revealed my life’s purpose.

Sneak Peak: My Sleeve was six different tattoos/phases of my life, but they all came together to tell the story of Alchemy.

Like almost scary accurately.

Finding one's purpose trips up so many people nowadays, thinking they need a crystal clear vision of what it is.

But as I share my story, you quickly find out that purpose is something that unfolds and evolves, chapter by chapter.

My hope is that if you are feeling the despair of being off purpose, you can give yourself some grace and follow the 3 step process in the video.

It will make my day to hear what insights stood out the most to you.

Click here and let me know!



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