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What's Your Manifesto? Feb 02, 2023

Personal manifestos can be powerful allies in daily life.

Why is that?

First, let's break down how your brain works.

Your brain's directive is to focus on two things:

  • Fears (Survival)
  • Goals (Fulfillment)

If left to its own devices your brain will always lean towards fears.

Because how else are...

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Chris's Story of Transmuting Seas of Despair Jan 26, 2023

Warning: This is a raw story of transformation. If you do not like explicit language or want to hear about moderate to severe traumas. Please skip this Blog Post.


Meet Chris,

(FYI you can see a picture of him below!)

Chris transformed his identity from the one who believed he was...

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15 Questions To Instantly Improve Your Quality of Life Jan 19, 2023

You are one insight away from uncovering your next level of greatness!

That possibility can alchemize as a newfound sense of freedom, peace, appreciation, love, or joy. 

Use these questions to reflect on the different areas of your life and instantly discover where you have an...

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The Direct Path To Accomplishing Your Boldest Goals 🚀📈 Jan 12, 2023

Let's distill the most potent process to achieving your goals...

Step 1.
Align yourself with who you intend on Becoming.
Write down these 3 things:
  • Beliefs
  • Behaviors
  • Traits 
Now spend some time reflecting and gaining crystal clear clarity on who and what you want...
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How To Get Exponential Results Dec 16, 2022

How do we get exponential results in life?


This week I started a new project in the backyard.

It was time to trim the branches overhanging our fence.

There were two options to get the same result.

  1. Grab the garden clippers and cut every single branch and stem by hand.
  2. Or grab the tree...
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The Golden Life
Guest Post: Takeaways from the Exploring Possibilities Podcast
Guest Post: Takeaways from the Exploring Possibilities Podcast Dec 08, 2022

This is a guest post from Exploring Possibilities Over Coffee Podcast (E003) guest, Matt Espeut.


Here’s my takeaways from our podcast

Go local 10/22/2022

My Struggles & Issues resolved

I was recently a guest on a podcast hosted by High Performance Coach, friend, and Project...

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Dissolving Your Problems With Possibilities Dec 02, 2022

You are one insight away from your next level of greatness.

You are one insight away from a deeper experience of peace.

You are one insight away from a true sense of fulfillment.

You are one insight away from enjoying a deep sense of faith in the unfolding of life.

This is why I am launching my...

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Gratitude is the Gateway to Infinite Goodness Nov 25, 2022

In each moment there is an abundance of goodness, beauty, and even joy to discover.

How do we train ourselves to see it?


This is a reminder that gratitude is your gateway to experiencing infinite goodness.

Anytime, anywhere.

As with most things it is a muscle we can choose to develop.

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How To Remove Regret From Your Life Nov 18, 2022

You create the lens through which you view life.

Taking responsibility for this is the most powerful way to be.

The fun thing is, we can cultivate a superpower to view life from different angles.

These are called Frames of Reference (F.O.R.), and today's F.O.R. is "Keep The Reaper In The...

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Understanding The 4 Stages of Creation Nov 10, 2022

Do you want to create a life of your own choosing?

Then it is time to understand where you are in the Cycle of Creation!

One day I was taking notes on a book and a light bulb moment happened. 

All of a sudden the "Cycle of Creation" appeared...

Inspired by both the Flow Cycle (struggle,...

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The Ultimate Formula for Personal Growth Nov 04, 2022

What if you had the formula to become anyone you wish? Who would you become?


That is my intention for you today! 

Presenting the Formula of Becoming...

The formula goes like this:

(Beliefs + Traits + Skills) + Commitment

Divided by Time = Become anyone you wish.

With crystalized...

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33 Spiritual Laws, Lessons, and Quotes Oct 25, 2022

Birthday edition! Enjoy 33 laws, lessons, and quotes that I have collected, discovered, and written after 33 years around the sun!

  1. “The Universe is Mental.” (-the Kybalion) Therefore consciousness (your mind) connects both worlds of matter and spirit.
  2. The Universe in its essence is...
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