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The Purpose of Your Pain

alchemy awareness becoming chain breaker healing motivation personal growth personal legend possibility rebirths spirtual awakening worthiness Mar 16, 2023

It took 33 years of Seeking to answer one question...


What is the deeper question that is the guiding force of your life?


Whatever that question is, the answer is your magic to share with the world.


The answer came to me after a weekend Men's Retreat. Where we all got to experience the power of the Divine Masculine Embodied and release all that was getting in the way of us expressing that power.

It was one of the most profound weekends because it gave me the container of pure love and space I needed to close the biggest chapter of my life.

I realized my life has been dictated by one question, and I finally arrived at the answer.

 But before I share, let’s address a harrrrd fact to accept:


Pain is a building block of this Reality.


Our pains shape who we become.


Sometimes the pain will push us to live at our fullest capacity, and sometimes we run from the pain because it is too much to handle.

Pain can be, and often is one of our greatest teachers.

I know personally because the first two decades of my life involved wave after wave of painful experiences.

It became such a part of me that my inner child was relentless in finding answers to one question...

 (If you have ever lost a loved one you know the question...)


The question was: “Why, why is life so painful?”


During a meditation, I got to hold my inner child, and when I looked little David in the eyes, he asked the question again:


“Why, why is life so painful?


I hugged him tight, looked him in the eyes, and told him...


“Because the pain creates the beauty.”


He understood it.


"Pain is the foundation that allows beauty to blossom."


We get to experience the depths of pain so we can soar into the ecstasy of being alive.

Unfortunately, there is no beauty to experience if we don’t have pain (at least in this physical dimension).

One of my life's purposes is to remind you there is beauty underneath all of your pain.

Whether it's a deep lesson, a catalyst for growth, or the simple fact that when we get the closest to death we experience the gift of living fully alive.


What treasure is hiding underneath your deepest pain?


One of the greatest adventures is to bring that treasure to the surface.

To see pain as the beauty that it is.

Honor it and celebrate it, because it is YOUR most sacred treasure.

The GOLD waiting to be uncovered by your SOUL.

It is also a direct path to discovering your deepest purpose.

Because when you come back from the Hero's journey, you get to share your lessons with all of humanity. 


May you heed the call...

To boldly dive into the depths of your pain.

To see how it transformed you into the person you are today.

To alchemize it.

To release it as the lead weighing down your soul, transforming it into gold that shines as bright as possible for all to see.

Because when you do a chapter of your life will close.

You will no longer seek relief from your deepest pain but can soar freely into your potential.

This is what it means to become the Alchemist.

This is The Golden Life.

To discover your most sacred treasure.

To become a fully embodied human.

To soar freely into possibility.

& Create as much beauty as possible in the process.



Cheers to playing the greatest game of discovery 🤙✨


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