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How to Navigate A Dark Night of the Soul

alchemy awareness becoming chain breaker clarity commitment death healing personal growth rebirths spirtual awakening May 04, 2023

There’s only one way through the Darkness...

Whether you are in a dark night of the soul, or a year or two into your inner work journey, I hope to bring some clarity and courage into your day today.

No matter what, stay on the path.

I know what it feels like to be lost in the metaphorical dark forest.

To feel alone, lost, and scared, but desiring a better way.

Not even completely understanding what is “outside of the forest,” but knowing there has to be a better place.

If you are currently in that place, or someone that is, here is how you get out:

Stop trying to run, and especially don’t try and fight it.


(As I shared in a previous post, I tried fighting Freddy for almost a decade. That sh*t does not work)


You might be wondering what do I do if I can’t fight or flee??


The answer is just “Be with it.”


The first phase of the Alchemical process is coming face to face with a force of chaos that is bigger than you.

The ego wants us to believe the Cosmos revolves around us, but we figured that is not the case thousands of years ago.


In case you are in the thick of the forest, and you feel like your lamp lighting the way is quickly dampening. This video was made especially for you, where I share 3 tips on how to move forward with confidence.


Some nuggets from the video include:

  • It's not the emotional pain you are scared of facing, it’s something even deeper
  • There is only one way to fight your inner critic, and it starts with the forgiveness you give yourself
  • Lean on or find a new pillar in life


You will get through this.


I’ve been through multiple myself.


They are never fun.


It is never easy.


(But neither is creating something massively beautiful in this world)

But the sooner you lean into it, the sooner you can get through it.


P.S. If you ever need some 1:1 assistance, I have some new offerings that will help you find clarity, confidence, and hopefully, a little extra courage to stay on the path. Just hit email [email protected] and let me know you can use a personal guide on the path.

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