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Triumph Over Your Inner Critic

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How to Silence the Self-Judgment

One of the greatest villains lives right between your two ears.

Whatever name you give him/her/it, you always have power over this inner critic.

How is that possible?

The Undeniably Powerful Practice of Self-Love and Forgiveness

Now if you were like me in my 20s, you might be saying B.S.!

Back then I gave my inner critic the nickname “Freddy Krueger.”

He has been my greatest adversary my entire life.

He knows my every desire, pain, fear, doubt, and will go to any length to attempt to derail my efforts and gain power over me.

For the decade of my 20s, I went to battle against Freddy.

(Honestly, I still have my moments today)

Hoping that “one day” I will defeat him and he will be quiet for good.


(This was even the original design for my tattoo)


I learned the hard way that anytime I attempted to fight my inner critic, he got more powerful.

There were moments I felt defeated, even hopeless. That caused me to seriously question if life is worth living.


The Ultimate Shield Against Your Inner Critic

It turns out that is it not about “fighting” your inner critic but learning to build a relationship with him/her/it.

(This really means building a deeper relationship with every part of yourself)

How do we do this?

Big picture (as always) it comes back to self-love.

Practically (in the moment) it involves forgiveness.

Anytime you hear the whispers of the inner judger, repeat this mantra:

“I forgive myself for judging myself.”

You can also take it a step further: “I forgive myself for judging myself for…[insert voice of the inner critic]”

This steals the power away from your inner critic.

That can even open up the space for the possibility of fully transmuting that voice into fuel to grow, appreciate, or love deeper.

Your inner critic can be your greatest adversary or your greatest ally for growth.

The critic is a force in the Universe that wants to derail your personal evolution. The secret is you can use it as a trigger to be a catalyst for the growth and expansion of your heart.

Next time you hear the voice of your inner judge, first forgive yourself.

Then give it the metaphorical “KO Punch” by thanking him/her/it for being the resistance you need to push yourself to the next level of greatness.

This is an untapped pool of power that can hold you down or amplify your ability to soar into greater depths of self-love.

The choice is yours.


P.S. These are the images of the sleeve I have today. Instead of “defeating” Freddy, I learned it was more powerful to courageously face the inner adversary with the shields down. That we are facing an unbeatable "dragon" that is a force in the Universe. To allow the whispers of judgment to come through, to use that as a trigger to love myself harder, and to thank this force (that will never go away) for being the resistance needed to help me grow stronger, happier, and more loving.

This all being said, I still have my days! But the more you practice forgiveness, the less the critic gets in the way. Play the game of loving harder, and never accept defeat!



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