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The Two-Fold Path to Alchemizing Your Fullest Potential

Jan 19, 2024


How to Live Anxiety-Free While Creating Your Legacy


You are driven to fulfill your potential, and with that comes a range of intense emotions.

Fear, anxiety, frustration, regret, inadequacy, stress, isolation, disappointment, guilt, hopelessness...

The list goes on…

Imagine your life free from many of these emotions. Living with confidence and the conviction that you are fulfilling your potential.

How would that feel?

I imagine: free, fulfilled, excited about the future, and powerful.

Yet, the path to our potential is a jagged peak, physically and mentally bruising us, constantly pushing us to the brink of burnout.

It might be the leading cause of stress and deep-seated anxiety in people dedicated to living life on their own terms.


Because it can feel like a lofty goal.

"I AM here to fulfill my potential," you declare to the Universe!

And then?

You return to ordinary life, enjoying fleeting moments of success. Only to be overwhelmed by challenging demands and stress. You watch your potential drift away into the horizon.

So you stand back up and declare, "I will live up to my potential!"

But life only gets busier, leaving you overwhelmed, uncertain, and disappointed.

Fulfilling your potential can feel like sand slipping through your fingers. Just when you think you've grasped it, fear, doubt, and anxiety return.

How do we overcome this?

First, if you don't step outside the prison of your mind and into your Golden Source, these feelings will persist. The idea of living to our potential is just that, an idea.

A vision in your imagination that you created through external expectations of what the world tells you looks like.

You will constantly judge yourself against an imaginary vision that only lives in the land of your imagination.

(Typically your vision of potential hasn't been pressure tested against the gravity of 3D reality.)

Yet you continue to hold this ideal. Unconsciously suffering because of your own unrealistic vision.

This suffering restricts your potential from fully expressing in the world.

{But let's be real, you're too busy fighting fears and insecurities to even recognize this.}

And thus, the insidious cycle continues...


Your Insidious Suffering Lives in the Darkness of Your Unconscious

You will never fulfill your potential if you never look inward.

Face the insurmountable force of chaos that is your unconscious.

The path to your potential will only unfold by bringing your unconscious patterns into conscious awareness.

Otherwise, you're walking a path based on an external ideal (you gained from someone else), not grounded in your truth.

Until you question and bring all of your beliefs to light, you will be unconsciously controlled by them.

You might think fulfilling your potential looks like having a million Instagram followers, seven figures in the bank, a perfect partner, and a jet to fly around the world.

But this is a cultural ideal you've adopted as your own.

So, how do we overcome this?

By starting the Alchemical process, and entering the Black Phase (named Nigredo).

This phase involves understanding your beliefs, repressed emotions, and ideals based in physicality without a true spiritual foundation.

This is where you get everything you wanted, only to realize it doesn't make you happy.

Or after achieving your desires, everything is pulled away, forcing you to re-question everything you ever wanted.

{Welcome to calcination, where the extravagances and illusions built up over our lives are burned away.}

So how do you survive the fiery hell of Calcination?

The answer is simple...

Reconnect with the essence of who you are.

In your deepest, purest essence lies your fullest, expanded potential.

To do this, one must practice the art of letting go of all the "lead" you've collected in life and dissolving it one by one.


Alchemizing Your Highest Potential

"In order to climb the peak of your potential, first, you must see the peak."

What does living in the crystallized version of your potential look like?

Someone who knows their deepest source and can freely shine their divine light upon the world.

Imagine being able to show up every day, creating from the deepest desires of your heart. Living with total freedom, unattached to the outcomes. Creating from unconditional love.

Nothing external controls you.

Free to express who you are in truth, what you are in truth, and how you serve in truth.

Living your dharma (Soul's Purpose) daily, with confidence, ease, and joyful fulfillment.

{This is the ideal we all crave. But only the brave pursue it!}


Step One: Choose Your Legacy

Unfortunately, there is no "how-to" path to fulfilling your Soul's path. It's always unique because it involves you following your golden thread.

But you can set yourself up for success by consciously choosing who you become and the legacy you leave.

Most hope to leave a powerful legacy. Or you can live powerfully and live your legacy today.

The way to remove anxiety about fulfilling your potential is to commit to the twofold path.

Simultaneously walking the path of dissolving (or transmuting into gold) all the "lead" or "dross" in your mind, body, and emotions.

While choosing a legacy that you can live into on a daily basis.

The ultimate path of letting go and staying committed to who you are becoming.

The beauty of releasing all the B.S. that is not you in your essence is that you will naturally find yourself stepping into the shoes of your dharma. It will unfold organically.

Also, having a clear set of ideals for who you want to become and the legacy you want to leave alleviates the anxiety of questioning how you live.

You won't find yourself on your deathbed wondering, "Did I do enough? Was I the person I wanted to be?" Instead, the answer will be a resolute, "I did it. I enjoyed my rollercoaster of life. I can now depart now in peace."


Because you consciously lived your legacy every day.

So, how can you apply this to your life? Let's consider the first assignment I gave in the Golden L.I.F.E. Mastermind last year:

Step 1:

  • Write out your obituary. What do you want to be remembered for? Who do you want to be remembered as?
  • Bonus Points: Print it out and place it in your journal to see it daily (or use the soon-to-launch Notion template for the same purpose digitally).

Step 2:

  • Break down daily habits and actions that align with the person you describe in your obituary.
  • Bonus Points: Also reflect on the practices that invigorate you, making you feel alive and excited about life.

Step 3:

  • Create a daily checklist. You can name it "I AM Living My Legacy When..." List. (Originally in the Mastermind, it was "My Life Works When...").
  • Bonus Points: Develop a similar list for your business or profession. ("My Business Works When...)

Step 4:

  • Live by it daily. Track your habits, reflect at least weekly, and if you're missing the mark on certain habits, ask yourself, "Why?"
  • Bonus Points: Over time, take note of your scores. Identify the threshold where you feel in control and proud of showing up. Is it 3 out of 7 habits? Maybe 3 out of 10? That number is your golden ticket to an anxiety-free life, free from wondering if you are living up to your potential.



I understand the agony and pain of striving to live up to our potential. Having experienced a glimpse of my daemon (higher self) during a breathwork journey left me unsettled for years.

It's almost crippling to know you're capable of so much, yet constantly feeling like you're missing the mark.

This is why I've delved deeply into this topic, seeking to understand both how to live our dharma and how to remove fear and restrictions while doing so.

I assure you, by doing the inner work, integrating your traumas, shadow, and deepest desires, your Soul's Purpose will naturally flourish.

Remember, the only thing you have ultimate control over in the entire Universe is how you show up each day.

Taking ownership of that is the most empowering way to live.

If you can do this consistently, and live your legacy today, the anxiety will dissipate.

And if it doesn't, that's your cue that your 'monkey mind' is effectively doing its job: keeping you accountable by constantly questioning your actions. In hindsight, this makes the monkey brain your greatest ally while climbing the peak of your potential.

Lastly, thank you for being one of the brave ones!

Isn't it nice to know we are not alone?

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