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You Are Golden

Jan 12, 2024

Have you ever dissected your identity only to find out that deep down you "feel unworthy," "incapable," or "not enough?"

So after you discover this, you attempt to fill the hole by telling yourself the opposite...

"I am worthy!"

"I am capable!"

"I am enough!"

This feels great for a couple of days.

Then you start to slip back into your old ways of being...

You forget this core wound is at the root of everything you do.

It's the subconscious driving force that shapes who you are and how you navigate life.

Remember last week?

When you grabbed that coffee and Stacy (or fill in the blank) slipped in "But I don't think it's something you can handle right now. It does seem like you are overly stressed."

After that, you unconsciously spiraled.

You went home. Put on your pajamas. Agreed that things were too stressful and pulled out the ice cream.

Some reason you felt more drained than you have for months.

"Must be the stress" you tell yourself...

Not knowing it was the fact that Stacy accidentally poked your core wound.

This shows up in all different forms for all of us. It's part of what it means to be human.

I know for myself one of my core wounds is worthiness.

When something goes great in life, there's this subconscious force that whispers "Get ready, the curveball coming!"

So what happens?

My brain starts searching for what can go wrong.

Then if it can't find anything, it will start focusing on the things that "are going wrong" in the current moment.

And if it can't find anything wrong in the present moment, well it will go to the past.

"Remember that one time you didn't finish that thing that..blah blah blah."

Why is this the case?

Because my mental software was programmed at a young age to believe there was something wrong with me.

And I downloaded a story that if that if things are going great, well something is coming soon to "balance that out."


Acknowledging Core Truths More Than Core Wounds

Pain, whether physical, mental, or emotional is intricately woven into the context of being human.

We go through life as kids, and sooner or later we find ourselves in a challenging situation.

Someone says something mean, treats us horribly, or even physically hurts us.

This leaves a negative imprint upon us.

Our brains say "We never want to experience that pain again." So we create unconscious behavior adaptations to prevent the pain from happening again.

These traumas shape who we become and can unconsciously control us for the rest of our lives.

Until we integrate those experiences and learn how to shift our identity to the deeper source of who we are... We will never stop playing the "avoid the core wound game."


"You Are Golden."

So how do we transcend the core wound identity?

By rediscovering the core of who you are...

I want you to imagine I shipped you a brand new pair of Cosmic X-ray glasses.

They use breakthrough technology to show you the essence of the Cosmos.

You take them out of the box, put them on, and see the Universe for how it looks (beyond our human senses)…

As soon as you put them on, you realize all you can see is energy.

Everything looks like vibrating pixels in various colors and frequencies.

Finally, you decide to look at yourself.

What do you see?

A golden orb of light.

You go outside to see the rest of the world.

You see some toddlers walk by and they are shining bright with golden light.

Then you see a sad person, and their energy looks like a dark orb with a dimly lit candle inside.

You quickly realize that everyone has this light inside of them. Most are barely lit, while only a handful shine bright in the world.


This story is a reminder...

That in your core is the absolute truth of who you are.

An energetic being having a human experience (as my mentor Peter Crone would say).

This is to acknowledge that you are a being made of the Infinite Energy of the Cosmos.

Your cells die off every 7 years. So your body is always evolving and changing.

Your identity evolves all the time. From kid to student, to working professional, to parent, to grandparent.

Yet the golden energy that makes you never changes.


So...….Why Do We Dim Our Light?

As we go through life, we collect "lead."

The "lead" is from the difficult experiences we go through where someone or some situation hurts us.

They may tell us "You are not smart and never be capable of...[fill in the blank]."

We take this in as truth, and the moment we accept it we gain a new piece of lead.

Then you have another emotionally difficult situation and collect another piece of lead.

{We are constantly picking up leads from family, friends, strangers, and even society itself.}

That "We need to find love outside of ourselves, or whatever else to be happy."

Telling us limited stories of who we are.

The lead that we hold onto is what dims our essence from fully shining in the world.

It weighs us down and keeps us unfulfilled.

It lives in both the mental and emotional plane but operates more like a software system.

Where your default mode subconscious programming says "This core lead is the core of my personality and I will do whatever it takes to prove it is right."

(because who would we be without our core wounds?)

It will always unconsciously pull you until you bring the lead to your conscious awareness and dissolve it. (or transmute it into Soul Gold!).


Making The Divine Jump

The way to transcend your core wound is to identify more with the perfect, golden essence of who you are.

Learning how to let go of always identifying with the personality that lives in the programming of the core wound.

Search long enough and you will discover that all of the limiting beliefs are stories.

And where do stories live?

In the mind.

Therefore, we can transcend our stories by reminding ourselves the absolute truth of who we are is not our ego (or minds).

It is not our bodies.

It is not your chosen identity.

It is a being with a perfect golden core. Which happens to be having a human experience.

It's one of the hardest games to play because your ego doesn't want to dissolve into the sea of cosmic energy.

It wants to be "super worthy!"

"Super capable!"

"Super (K)enough!"

(because that's what all the movies tell us to be!)

But you are all 3...

A mind, a body, and a Soul.

You could just as easily choose to identify as a big, lefty toenail.

It is a truth of who you are. But only a tiny aspect of the truth.

Same with your lead.

It is a part of your sacred story.

But eventually, it will fall off.

So practice letting your core wounds fall off, one by one...

And rechoose your identity.

"I am a being directly from the source of creation. That source is infinite, timeless, loving, powerful, and above all, playfully creates. I am a playful expression of divine energy in physical form!"

Welcome to the core of who you are.

Now the Golden Game of Remembering begins.

Stay Golden.


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