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Why You Are Struggling To Change...

Jun 29, 2023

The 4 "Bodies" For Total Transformation


Do you sometimes find it challenging to make a change?

Have you ever decided in your mind you are going to finally "make that change," yet nothing happens?

What's really going on?

Are you really that [insert limiting belief of choice] lazy/stupid/scatterbrained/incapable/guilty/yougettheidea ???


YOU = Multidimensional Being

Has it ever occurred to you that you are a multidimensional being?

That you are not simply an ego with a spinal cord. Or a living and breathing "meat suit." Or a being of starlight made out of stardust. Or a boiled-down essence of energy in the form of atoms vibrating (well that might be true).

You are actually a multidimensional being with multiple layers that make you, you!


What Makes Up Your Multidemtional Self?

First, let's take a moment to understand the viewpoint of the "experts of transformation" (aka Alchemists) to better understand ourselves.

Alchemists believed that we are made of salt, sulfur, and mercury.

These were really metaphors for saying we have a mental body, a physical body, and a spiritual body.

They believed that everything has an essence. Specific qualities of lifeforce energy that made up the core of every living thing.

This essence is directly sourced from the source of all creation. So in its purity is the Golden Potential of the Universe itself.

They also believed that the mind was the connector between the physical world and the spiritual world.


Practical Modern-Day Alchemy

Now how can you apply this to your own personal transformation?

Personally, I like to add one "body" to the OG Achlemests trio.

The 4 bodies to focus on if you want to experience lifelong transformation is:

1. Physical
2. Mental
3. Emotional
4. Spiritual

The first 3 accumulate "lead" that gets in the way of you freely expressing number 4.

Your authentic self is your energetic essence. The core of who you are. The average healer/therapist/transformational coach is missing this core fact...

Your true essence is perfectly "golden." There is nothing "wrong" with you other than the fact you have accumulated mental/physical/emotional "lead" blinding you to the fact of your true divine nature.

This is why I have a Golden statue of David with paint over his eyes. The only thing getting In the way of you expressing your authentic potential is the "lead" you accumulate in your mind and around your heart!

Modern-day alchemy means you are not trying to "fix" anyone or solve their "problems."

Alchemists understand "fixing" or "problems" only exist as lead and the perception you need fixing in the first place.

You also understand if you want to make a lasting change, you must work on the mental body, physical body, and emotional body.

Remember that time you said you were going to make a change and nothing happened?

Well, you were only working on the level of the mental body.

You didn't make an emotional body change. And the lack of change in your emotional state led to you not taking any physical action.

Acknlowging these principles has been the underlying foundation of what has allowed me to help facilitate lifetime transformation in the span of 2 1/2 days.

We work on the mental "lead" (limiting beliefs), emotional "lead" (repressed emotions), and physical "lead" (memories & emotions stuck in our tissue).

After you dissolve or transmute the "lead," this frees up more of your own authentic life force and allows you to make a change effortlessly.


So next time you want to make a change, ask yourself...

- What is the core belief I have?
- What emotions do I need to release or activate to take action?
- Does the actions (or my behaviors) move me towards my desired future?



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