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The Secret War for Your Mind: Becoming the Alchemist for True Freedom

alchemy awareness becoming beliefs chain breaker personal growth regret spirtual awakening unconscious performer Jun 01, 2023

Welcome to the Golden Life, where David decodes heaven on earth and empowers you to become an alchemist, capable of consciously transforming your inner and outer world for the better. Let's embark on the path of becoming the alchemist and reclaiming your personal power!

In this blog post, we will explore the concept of the secret war for your mind and how you can become the warrior who wins this battle to experience true freedom.

The Battle Within:

My Story Before we delve into the strategies for winning the war, let me share a story from my own journey. I remember a time when the negative thoughts and inner critic in my head became overwhelmingly loud. It felt as if there was a force working against me, constantly feeding me self-doubt and pushing me towards dark places. This battle within reached its peak during a dark night of the soul, where I found myself alone and isolated, struggling with loneliness and depression. It was during this time that I realized I needed to take control and fight back against this negative force.

The Parasite in the Human Mind:

Through my exploration and research, I discovered a consistent theme across various texts and cultures—the existence of a parasitic force in the human mind. This parasite thrives on fear-based emotions and aims to keep us trapped in limited thinking. Referred to as "wetiko" or "mitote" in different cultures, this force seeks to control our thoughts, emotions, and actions, preventing us from embodying our true essence of pure love.

Becoming the Warrior:

Three Pillar Practices To become the warrior who triumphs over the secret war for the mind, we must adopt three essential pillar practices. These practices will help us embody unconditional love, transcend limiting beliefs, and follow a traditional path of transformation.

  1. Embodying Unconditional Love: The path to victory begins with unconditional love. By becoming a beacon of love, we starve the parasitic force of its energy source. However, practicing unconditional love is no easy feat. When faced with negative thoughts or the inner judge, we can employ a forgiveness exercise. Repeat the phrase, "I forgive myself for judging myself," and fill in the blank with the specific thought or belief that arises. This practice allows us to release self-judgment and cultivate self-love.

  2. Transcending Limiting Beliefs: As humans, we inherit and adopt limiting beliefs throughout our lives. These beliefs hinder our growth and potential. To transcend these limiting beliefs, we must embark on a journey of self-reflection and awareness. Through reflection and seeking guidance, we can connect the dots, understand the origin of these beliefs, and gradually overcome them. It is a continuous process of transcending fear-based, limited beliefs to embody our true essence.

  3. Following a Traditional Path: To assist us in the battle against the parasitic force, we can draw inspiration from traditional paths such as the Toltecs or the ancient art of alchemy. The Four Agreements, a powerful book by Don Miguel Ruiz, provides four transformative agreements that can help us navigate this journey. Additionally, finding a knowledgeable guide or mentor who can shed light on your path can be invaluable.

By embodying the alchemical consciousness and practicing the three pillar practices—unconditional love, transcending limiting beliefs, and following a traditional path—we can reclaim our personal power and transcend the parasitic forces that seek to control our minds. Together, as a collective, we can shift the collective consciousness, embracing love-based lives and experiencing true freedom. 

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