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The Golden Life Activation Meditation

Feb 09, 2024
The Golden Life
The Golden Life Activation Meditation


Free Powerful Meditation



If you have been following along since last week,

Then you already have your L.Y.V. Technique.


(If not, you still have time to access the free course)



Today, let's take a journey and start to play inside that Canvas of Creation.


But instead of just jumping into the land of your imagination...

We are going to prime ourselves to be in peak state before we do.

Getting clear in the mind, and coherent in the heart.


This isn't something that is "taught."


It is something that is experienced (and practiced).

So I created a guided meditation to take you through the process.


It's split up into 6 phases:

  1. Clear the mind with activating breathwork

  2. Reset the nervous system with continued nose-based breathwork

    1. And stack on gratitude

  3. Get into heart coherence

    1. Thinking about a person or place that you love deeply

  4. Step into the doorway of your L.I.V. and start playing in your future creation

  5. Then release the seed of creation and step into pure awareness

  6. Finally, finish with a mantra that overrides all limiting beliefs

  7. Open up your eyes and enjoy your golden day ahead.



This is the complete journey to rewire your belief systems and recenter yourself simultaneously.


It is best done after waking or before bed (when you have the most access to your subconscious).

But anytime is better than no time.

"20 minutes a day will keep the limited belief systems away.*"

(*Maybe not every day, but over time this meditation will build new pathways in your brain!)



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