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The Formula for Lasting Transformation

Feb 16, 2024


Why are you struggling to make a real change in your life?


Personal transformation is a decision.

If you want to make a real transformation, then you must make a powerful decision.

Let’s go on a journey to understand the formula for lasting transformation…


If you went through a painful experience in the past, you most likely created unconscious coping mechanisms (unless you consciously integrated that experience).

It is easier to avoid the past pain, therefore you continue to repeating the same unconscious coping mechanism.

{This is to highlight, your brain is driven by two things: Fears + Goals}

Past (unintegrated) Pain = Future Fear (AKA Anxiety)

Now when it comes to your goals, your values are the other subconscious guiding force determining your behaviors.

If you don’t “shine the light” of your conscious awareness on your subconscious values and pain-avoidant behaviors, you are constrained when it comes to making a lasting transformation.

Confronting the past pain can feel scary because there is a wave of emotion our past self wasn't ready to take on.

(It’s not as scary as you think, but it does help to have a guide to help you navigate the deep waters of strong emotions and unintegrated experiences.)

But those unintegrated experiences are the dead weight keeping you from making a change.

Before you make a conscious decision to stop a way of being, or perceiving the world…

….It helps to break free from the limited mental pattern (or story) you were telling yourself and dissolute (release) the attached emotions.

This frees up the space to make a clear, certain cut.

Now, we can make a decision…

What is that change you have been trying to make but have yet to make a real decision?

Before it is time to make that decision, let’s analyze your values.

If you have any subconscious value conflicts, you will continue to struggle to change.

These 3-4 values are your guiding force for making decisions with everything you do in life.

Take a moment to make a powerful decision in your life.

What is that thing you been meaning to start/do/change?

Make the decision now.

Realign that new choice with a core value.

{Making this cut is like walking across the bridge and burning it down.

There is no turning back.

This is a critical part of every hero's journey.

AKA “stepping into the unknown.”}

Congratulations. You are one MASSIVE step closer to the transformation you are looking for.

Let’s wrap it up with a big picture view of the process:


The Formula for Lasting Transformation:

Decide + Realign Values ➗ Daily Commitment = Lasting Change

Now all that is left to recommit (on a daily basis) to the powerful decision you made.

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