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The Alchemist Toolbox: Breathwork

May 25, 2023

One of the most powerful tools in an Alchemist toolbox is...Breathwork!

Breath is prana. Breath is life.

Our breath connects us with our life force.

It is one of the most potent tools for an alchemist because it's your direct line to control your physiology.

If you have experienced a breathwork journey, then you know the power of breath to tap into an altered state.n Where you can tap into the intuition of your body and even open yourself up energetically to clear out all the old emotions.

All you need is your breath and your body (and some dope tunes!), and you can have one of the greatest adventures of your life!

Think of mastering the potential of your breath like physically taking control of your relationship to life.

You can also use it to clear out stuck emotions.

I call it the "lead." The lead weighing you down mentally and emotionally.

And that emotion, that energy in motion, if it doesn't get pushed through you, gets stored in your fascia.

It literally becomes a physical lead.

When I did my first shamanic breathwork experience, I had a visual of pushing away grief and sadness from losing my father at the age of 11.

And it was like this hardened shell. It was like this hardened walnut and the breath work helped crack that open.

From there the energy could start to move again.

So remember, you can use the power of your breath to allow your body to express what needs to be expressed.

This allows you to show up with more presence, more love, and more peace.

If you would like to experience breathwork for yourself, click here.


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