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Staying in Your Sweet Spot of Vitality

awareness conscious performer exponential results performance personal growth Apr 07, 2023

On any day are you aware of your level of vitality?


Do you have a way of gauging when you are about to “get in the red” energetic-wise?


To keep the water fresh in my hot tub, the jets have to consistently come on and circulate the water.

This means the jets come on for a scheduled amount of time. 2x a day, every day of the week.



There is a certain level of water that must be maintained throughout the week.

What happens if the water drops below a certain level?

The jets turn on.

They now sit right above the water level.

The water starts BLASTING water (like a legitimate firehouse!) OUTSIDE of the hot tub!

It accelerates from slightly below the baseline water line, to almost 1/4 empty in less than an hour!

(This happened the day before a client arrived and we were planning to get in after jumping in the cold bath 🥶😅)


The water line in the hot tub is a perfect metaphor for your life.


What is your baseline level of manageable energy or stress?

What is your line, that if crossed, will quickly drain you of all your energy and feel like the weight of the world is completely crushing you?

What is your daily/weekly practice to maintain your energy levels?

Is that practice a priority or secondary to everything else in life?


I know that if it were secondary for the hot tub, I would no longer own a hot tub that can serve our whole family in coming together and clients in recovery.

I would have an almost empty tub that could only give some nice foot baths.


1 Simple System to Gain Awareness Around Your Energy & Vitality Levels:


Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.

1 being drained/bed-written.

10 being flying energetically high and ready to tackle anything in life.

Do this daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.


The lower your score is, the more of a priority it is to make time for the activities that recharge your energetic batteries.


This is such a powerful exercise, it is why the first challenge for the Golden L.I.F.E. Community is the “Play Harder Challenge.”

(2 hours of play per week and taking notes on the activities that recharge you the most)

What activity is your maintenance practice that keeps your water levels above baseline?

Make that practice a priority.

Do it at least 2 hours a week.

This is your pillar practice to stay in your sweet spot of vitality, resilience, and creativity.



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