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Releasing The Fear of Failure

Jun 15, 2023

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Well, I know that is true for you as you are someone that is committed to growth.

Let's understand what it means to be committed to growth.

First of all, we shall acknowledge that the only constant about the Universe itself is that it is always growing and expanding!

(So be grateful you are not resisting the ways of the universe!)

But practically speaking, growth is taking a leap into the next step of the unknown.

The funny truth is, this is going to happen whether you choose it or not.

(because once again the entire cosmos is always growing!)

Unconsiosully this is terrifying. But if we bring a little more consciousness to it, it's not as scary as our egos make it out to be.

Let's take you back to a time when you fully committed to growth and did not waste any time worrying about failure.

That moment after you took your first couple of steps and you saw a new world to explore.

Did the fear of falling down ever stop you after that moment?

I can personally say I have yet to meet a crawling adult!

How can you embrace the freedom of a toddler, fearlessly exploring the world through curiosity?

Being committed to growth is exactly like a toddler being committed to running.

You will try and get up. Then fall over. Then do it again, and then wobble your way across the room. Only to later slam your head on the table.

You will learn, by failing, and then repeat this process for the rest of your life.

Failure is simply one of the crucial steps into growth.

Failure has always been a part of your journey.

It's only in the moments you choose to dwell on the idea of failure that it actually becomes real.

Because as Ray Cash Care would say, "Either you win or you learn."

The funny thing is, your toddler self knew this since the beginning

What would it feel like if you told the "adult" you for the rest of today you are going to embrace the "toddler" you?


You get bonus points if you can make it look better than this!

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