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Personal Legends, Alchemy, & Rebirths

alchemy personal legend rebirths seasons the flow cycle true commitment Sep 30, 2022

2022 has personally been a year of rebirth and evolution, and want to share some key insights that will serve you on the path.

#1. True Commitment Alleviates Anxiety

Although this is true in principle, it is still one I am working towards embodying. Yet, my story is one that proves if you stay committed to achieving your personal legend, aka your unique purpose, it will eventually manifest (but you will almost never guess the how or when!).

Long story short, it was a year ago when I read my first book on Alchemy. It turns out my right tattoo sleeve depicts the 3 phases of Alchemy perfectly. The moment I found out was eerie, it was awe including, but most importantly it was the greatest omen I was on the path to fulfilling my personal legend.

As a deep thinker and highly creative, it is easy for me to get caught up in questioning if I am on the path. Yet hindsight is clear as day, and as it says in the book The Alchemist, "when you want something (ie: your personal legend), all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

Key takeaway: Have you committed to living your personal legend? If so, how can let go of trying to let go of knowing how and when the story will unfold?

# 2. Know Thy 4 Seasons of Growth

 Or in this case, the Flow Cycle goes like this: 1. Struggle 2. Release 3. Flow 4. Recovery and I find it helpful to view them as the Seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall).

 In my case, I have been in the Struggling Season for the past three years. From opening and closing a business, having two newborn daughters, surviving a world pandemic, and attempting to discover my unique magic to be shared with the world.

Finally, this year, I entered the release phase. After decades of personal development, accelerated learning from the world's peak performance institutes, and focusing on absorbing knowledge through experience, I finally can release everything I have absorbed into my personal brand, The Golden Life.

It's taken, years, but really a lifetime (potentially even lifetimes!) for me to be able to articulate this pull inside of me that knows there is a better way for this world to do the "human thing" and live more coherently. Now I can clearly say, The Golden Life is here to decode Heaven on Earth and assist (those committed to growth) in rebirthing into a New Way of Being (and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible!).

 As I learned Alchemy is my dharma (and practiced letting go of making sense of how the hell my tattoo tells the story perfectly!), I consider myself first and foremost an Alchemist. My role is to help others transform and experience a new level of freedom and joy, even in the face of uncertainty (or what I call infinite possibilities). While also teaching the Art of Transmutation, so you can manifest a life full of inner and outer gold.

Key takeaway: What season are you in? After you gain this awareness, how can you give yourself some grace along the way? Is it time to recover? If you are in the season of struggle, know that the release phase is next. STAY THE COURSE!

 #3. Acknowledge Your Rebirths 

The cells that make your body die and you are reborn in seven years' time with an entirely new body. Your identity also evolves, and as you are a human committed to growth you will enter the never-ending death/rebirth cycle.

 Are you currently entering a rebirth cycle?

 Personally, I was getting stuck on being a "Performance/Lifestyle Coach," yet had to die to that self-imposed identity, and step into "The Golden Life Coach" to share my unique magic. It's been hard for me because I am very practical and logically focused. Explaining to people that "I can assist you in Spiritual Alchemy" does not land on most!

Now since I am fully committed to The Golden Life, I've accepted my role to help others acknowledge we are energetic (or Spiritual) Beings, having a human experience.

Thus, The Golden Life combines the practical practices that allow us to feel and perform at our best, along with methodologies for achieving Spiritual Alchemy.

This is nothing new, as Ancient Alchemists viewed everything in life as practical and spiritual.

 [Fun fact, modern-day chemistry was born out of Alchemy, when those in the 1700s started to focus more on the practical aspects of the Alchemical Process (instead of personal/spiritual transformation) and focused on the direct application in regards to science and healing!]

Now going through a rebirth is not always a fun experience. Why? Because our Ego dissolves and we are born with a new view on life or lose a sense of who we thought we were.

We sometimes almost literally (and definitely metaphorically) have to learn how to crawl, walk, and run all over again. This can be potentially detrimental to our well-being, but especially our Egos. It's the process I have been through for the past year and not always fun, to say the least! 

So how do we ride Rebirths like surfing a wave?

First, reframe the uncertainty that comes with a rebirth as newfound possibilities. You can crash under the wave of uncertainty, or ride with a childlike curiosity of patiently waiting to discover where it will take you. Second, give yourself some extra grace to be in the “not knowing phase” and trust your omens will come when you start crawling down the right path.

Summary: Rebirths can be truly exciting after we get past the initial ego fear of wondering what's next! Practice grace and curiosity to help alleviate the anxiety of the unknown.

Key Takeaway: Feel like you are in a rebirth cycle? How can you reframe your current situation into one of "discovery" and practice "playful curiosity" along the way? Let go of being scared of uncertainty, and start exploring the opportunities in this new evolution and what brings you joy in the moments throughout your day.

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