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How to Become a Trustfund Baby (of the Cosmos)

awareness possibility presence scarcity Oct 13, 2022
Trust Fund Baby

You have two choices, take the blue pill and continue to view life as you always have, or take the red pill and become a "Trustfund Baby of the Cosmos."

Let's remind ourselves about this Truth about life: We live in an Infinite Universe, full of possibility and infinite potential.

[Key Question: How often do you acknowledge this?]

Typically we like to focus on our immediate fears, problems, and limit our focus to uncertainty. Yet we do have the ability to learn how to trust in the face of uncertainty and cultivate faith in ourselves and the universe.

So how can we go about this? There are two main distinctions we are going to focus on:

Searching (fear-based) vs Exploring (growth-based)

& Presence vs Pretense.

Becoming a Trustfund Baby:

No, this is not an article about how to swindle your way into a large inheritance as a "trust fund baby" (but let's be real, we all would appreciate a huge sum of money!). Instead, we are going to explore how we can practice becoming a "Trust fund Baby of the Cosmos."

Another way of saying this is "life happens for me, not to me."

Peter Crone created the label "Trust Fund Baby." It is an acknowledgment that we can choose to trust the universe will give us what we need and will support us in unseen ways.

Let's practice courage to face the fact that the Universe is bigger than our brains can process.

If we want to become a powerful "Explorer of Possibility" we must choose to look out for the ways the universe is supporting us and our growth.

There are two skills we must develop, especially if we are to become a "Trustfund Baby of the Cosmos:"

Awareness + Practice.

Awareness: Searching vs Exploring

Our brains are wired to look out for two things, our fears and our goals. It is up to us to take control of where we direct our attention.

This is especially true if we want to not get crushed by the weight of infinity and instead learn how to ride it into possibility!

The primal wiring of our brains will naturally "search" for what might harm us or bring us danger. This instinct will also lead us to search for "what is wrong" in our lives (even when we live in the safest era ever known to mankind).

Instead of "searching" for what can go wrong, we can choose to "explore" possibilities.

Let's remind ourselves of another "capital T-ruth". WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE. We don't know what will happen tomorrow, the day after, or especially months or years from now. THIS IS ALWAYS TRUE.

We practice pretense (pretending to know), but the truth is "WE DON'T KNOW." (Nobody knows!)

The evidence from the past gives us some inclination, but often we attach lofty evidence to what will happen in the future. This limits our viewpoints, and more often than not we look for what is going wrong. When we also have the choice to see how the universe is supporting us.

[Key summary: Uncertainty and possibility are two sides of the same coin, which one will you choose?]

Now how do we go about "playing in the field of possibility" vs "getting beaten down by uncertainty?"

Have a child-like curiosity and "explore" the possibility of growth and potential.

The Practice: Pretense vs Presence

So how do we become a true "Trustfund baby" and build our faith that the Universe has our backs?

By practicing presence.

Definition of pretense: Something imagined or pretended. A claim or assertion to a right, especially a false one.

My simplified definition of pretense: pretending to know, usually based on false evidence.

We view life through the limited perspective of our problems. Then we claim that things are always going to be "this way or that way" and we sell ourselves a lofty story. This lofty (or false) story will unconsciously drive our lives.

[Key question: What lofty story are you telling yourself? "I've always been unmotivated to work out so I will never get in shape." "I'm doomed to continue the cycle of lack that I grew up in." "There's no point trying because the universe never gives me what I really want."]

The other side of the coin is presence.

I am 98.9% sure that if you were to slow down and get present in this moment, you would eventually acknowledge that all your needs* are met. (If you are dying or in a life-threating situation, this is not the time to be reading this!)

*Noticed I said "needs" not wants.

Most of our modern-day suffering is our unconscious desires with the underlying essence of fear or scarcity. These manifest into the wants we do not have at the moment, and then we suffer because that is all we focus on.

We can instead be fully present to what is happening in the here and now, and acknowledge the reality of where we are in the moment. (and the fact our Needs are almost always met.)

From there, we have the ability to become aware of the interesting ways the universe is supporting us. (because our focus is no longer only on our fears or perspective of scarcity.)

When we slow down and get fully present, we can see how the universe is presenting us with opportunities and gifts.

I have an abundance of magical stories to share about what is possible when you slow down and get present, but those will have to wait for the future...

If you are ready to become a "Trustfund Baby of the Cosmos" it is time to acknowledge that uncertainty is simultaneously possibility.

Instead of "searching" for what we think is wrong at the moment we can get present to what really is. This gives us the space needed to step out of our fears, and find appreciation for what we already have.

Once we give less attention to pretense and practice presence we can discover how many things are going right in the moment. (and have the capacity to notice the magic that is surrounding us at all times!)

For some of you this all may be a leap, or maybe even consider it to be magical thinking.

Yet when it comes to any meaningful actions in life, we have to take a bold leap of Faith to get started.

Cheers to leaping into possibility.

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