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Mastering Creation with Rapid Loop Learning

Feb 22, 2024


If you have been following along, you know we have been exploring the Personal Power Formula. It consists of six phases:



Peak State:

  • Creating your future is best done when you are in an elevated state, not when you are stressed, fearful, or in a low vibrational state.


  • Unlock the flow of passion by using your imagination to live out your possible heaven and hell.

Powerful Decision:

  • It's "powerful" because your life is forever changed after you make it. Even if you don't always live up to the daily standard, it is a conscious choice you made that you will keep. As Tony Robbins says, the "should" becomes a "must."

Commitment & Conviction:

  • The daily practice. Maintaining the fire in your belly, especially when life sends you a challenge. Reminding yourself daily of the commitment you made (or agreement you made with the universe).

Massive Action:

  • The smallest daily steps, taken consistently, create exponential results.

Reflect & Refine:

  • "Test" it, refine it. Rinse & repeat until the vision is created.


Today, we are going to collapse the last two phases.

Since recommitment is a daily action, I challenge you to revisit your original agreement. What are you committing to? Recommit to it now.

Now we will integrate this "agreement" into reality.



There's no time to waste. Today is the only moment you have.

You can live in the hell of regret or take the simplest action to create your vision.

Today's article isn't theoretical; it's actionable and practical. Let's get you into action.


Introducing Rapid Loop Learning:

 Since you already have the vision of what you are becoming or what you are creating, it is time to take the smallest, quickest action. You must make positive momentum, starting today.


Now let's apply the process of Rapid Loop Learning:

  1. What is the smallest and quickest action you can take today?
  2. How can you test these actions to learn if you are headed in the right direction?
  3. How will you measure the success or failure of this test, and by what dates will you test it?
  4. Run the smallest and quickest test, and collect and evaluate the data.
    1. If successful, what worked best, and how can you use it to inform the next test?
    2. If unsuccessful, what went wrong, and how can you use it to inform the next test?
  5. Apply these learnings, and reformulate the path to creating your vision.
  6. Run the cycle again until the vision is fully manifested.


We live in a very just Universe.

Action in = action out.

If you disconnect all the emotions (energy in motion) from the actions you take, you will start to see a clear trail of breadcrumbs. It's the emotions that get attached to your belief systems that cause internal friction.


The negative emotions can cloud your vision and take you off course. This is not to say become a robot.


You can actually acknowledge this and practice becoming a "Jedi Master of Creation."


A Jedi Master would understand true creation is done through the heart.


The heart loves to create for the sake of creation. It does not worry about what the outcome looks like.

This means the Jedi Master is ultimately committed to being and creating love.


They most likely have a grand vision (of something bigger than themselves) that they are committed to creating. This is their service to the Universe.


But their undeniable faith in the unfolding of the divine cosmic play dissolves the potential negative emotions when they don’t see “results.”


So, the final part of any act of creation is faith. How would you rate your faith in the current moment?


(Dare ye’ walk the path of a Jedi?)


Commitment solidifies quicker with accountability.

I’ve been laying out this pathway for you because I want to see you win.

You only have one life, and nobody will create that vision you have deep inside your heart except you.

The universe is waiting for it.

Your higher self is craving it.

All it takes is a daily recommitment to the Personal Power Formula.


If you need an ally to create your dreams, email me and let me know what test you committed to for the next week. I will check in and keep you accountable.


I may just share a Rapid Loop Learning Notion Journal Template if you do. ;)


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