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Do you know how to balance your happiness portfolio?

Jun 30, 2022

(Did it ever occur to you that you can create a happiness portfolio?)

Thanks to Positive psychology and Martin Seligman, we can use the PERMA model to elevate our happiness.

The PERMA model includes five key “pillars:”

  1. Positive feelings
  2. Engagement
  3. Relationships
  4. Meaning
  5. Accomplishments

Positive feelings — Positive emotions help us be more resilient, but in order to feel more positive emotions, we need to have our basic needs met. Do you feel safe in regards to adequate food, water, shelter, and sleep? If so, then it’s time to explore what else you can do to feel more positive emotions.

Engagement — Aka “flow.” Do you feel fully engaged and immersed in the duties, activities, and tasks that fill your daily life? If not, how can you create more commitment and passion in your life?

Relationships — One of the most important pillars for happiness. How authentic are the relationships in your life? Positive, useful, and inspirational connections lead to more positive feelings (which also help our core needs to feel heard, seen, and supported). How can you be more active in your relationships?

Meaning — A sense of purpose, and using the purpose to contribute to a community is one of the core ways to find meaning in life. Do you feel you have enough purpose and community to feel a true sense of meaning?

Achievement — This not only means a strong sense of “winning” but also how much you push yourself in positive ways. We feel a sense of accomplishment and strengthen our confidence when we overcome challenges. Do you need to increase or decrease the goals you set for yourself so you feel a daily sense of meaningful achievement?

If you truly want to know where you stand in your happiness pillars, rate yourself on a scale of 1–5 in each area…

Then ask yourself the questions above to consider ways to increase that score.

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