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Share Your Unique Story! #SoulGoldChallenge

Sep 29, 2023


There is so much unhappiness in the world because there is so much disrespect for our unique story.

We reject ourselves.

This manifests as judgment, envy, self-doubt, guilt, shame, and the untamable fear of being our authentic selves.

This pain will unconsciously pull us down and hold us back.


As I journeyed the path to self-discovery and inner healing, I had a major shift in what “doing the work” means.

You can say with a logical mind we are “integrating” all parts of ourselves so we “fill the holes in our hearts and find wholeness.”

But more and more I find myself reframing this to the poetic point of view:


“The goal is to love every aspect of your unique story with reckless abandon.”


If you do, you will walk the path to unconditional self-love AND have the courage to walk your (once-in-infinity-of-eternity) path.


Owning It Publicly

If you have known me for some time, you know I lean (wayyyy more) into the reserved side.

Getting social on social media is not my #fav.

I am very much a full-blown scorpio who loves the death/rebirth cycle. Enjoying the moments of burning the past and watching the phoenix rise up again through the ashes.

Unfortunately, in the social media universe, this manifested as inconsistency and a pattern of deleting my Instagram account and starting all over again.

(Versions of this pattern are still manifesting today, but this challenge is one step towards healing that tendency.)

But I know I have a story to share.

And so do you.


Introducing The Soul Gold Challenge

So I asked myself “How can I make owning and sharing my story more fun?”

Then the Idea for the Soul Gold Challenge appeared:

  • Commit to sharing your story for a certain amount of time (11, 22, or 33 days)
  • Share a photo or video from the past (and your age when it was taken)
  • Share the “Soul Gold” you collected in that moment AND share one piece of advice you would give your younger self (or someone else going through the same thing).
  • Use hashtag #SoulGold or #SoulGoldChallenge to win fun prizes



This is one simple, fun, and powerful way to own your story AND help others along the way.

Get ready, because October 1st it is kicking off!

This weekend I will be sharing this video (with the rules) on my personal Instagram profile.

(You can download it here if you feel called to join this challenge!)

I will also be rewarding those (hopefully you!) who partake in the challenge by sending one-of-a-kind gifts.

Like a handful of Soul Gold Coins and a lot of Soul Gold Stickers.

Who doesn't love gold coins and shiny stickers?! 😂


And if you are like, “David, I didn't even know you were on social media!”

Once again, here is the link to my personal profile.


Quick Heads up:


I’m going against all the best branding advice and creating a separate profile called @goldenlifealchemist

It will be for those who want to learn how to break free from the crippling effects of negative thinking and painful emotions of the past.

If you want some more tools for the inner toolbox to step deeper into your heart and crystalize more of your golden potential, you can follow along here.




Remember, October 1st is the official kick-off for the #SoulGoldChallenge!

Feel free to share this video, but more importantly let's have some fun as we commit to sharing our unique story, and helping others along the way.

Can’t wait to hear YOUR unique story & gain the lessons I can learn from your unique journey!

Big love,




P.S. If you have been wondering, “David where have you been for the past couple of months?”

I have been working behind the scenes on the next evolution of this newsletter and the Golden Life brand.

Soon I'll be sharing in-depth articles on how to create your personalized philosophy so you can enjoy a new level of purpose and fulfillment.

There also might be a podcast launching soon where I get to fully own (and share) my story with the world.

I have been reminded that anytime you jump into your next evolution and start acting on the whispers in your heart, the inner critic will try to get in the way right before you ship it. It's frustrating and messy, and there is healthy self-doubt when you step further into your dharma. Thank you to those who have helped me over the past couple of months.


If (or when) I do a #SoulGold post for this moment, it will be something like this:

Age: 33

Soul Gold: If you truly stay committed there will come a time when you look around in astonishment. The life you dreamed of (and have been working endlessly towards) will come to fruition. It is a wild moment where you realize you really do have the power to use your imagination and manifest it into the real world.

As a kid, I dreamt of having a house by the beach, with a beautiful wife, and happy kids. I would be a business owner and drive a fancy car (recently I decided a golf cart is more aligned with my current dreams) and have a career that would fulfill my unique purpose and potential.

One Piece of Advice: In my own experience, this moment also has its unforeseen downsides. A sense of almost being “lost” because you spent your whole life creating this one moment. The old tendency to want to choose a new mountain to climb creeps in. I would tell my younger self there is another way. Where you emphasize “being” just as much (if not more) than “creating.” Attaching your values (and happiness) to who you are becoming is more powerful than riding the emotional rollercoaster of “not getting,” or “getting” what you want. It may be a lesson you have to learn for yourself, but evolving to "becoming" will give life an opportunity to surprise you beyond your wildest dreams. Give it a try, and if you are unhappy with your life then put all your focus on creating and getting out of your current situation. You are a powerful co-creator. Own it.

#SoulGold #SoulGoldChallenge #ShareYourStory

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