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Introducing The Personal Power Protocol

Feb 01, 2024


“Peak performance begins with you taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.” -Brian Tracy


Today, we embark upon a journey to take your power back.

In the last article, we established that you are a being of beliefs.

Your beliefs determine your behaviors, and your behaviors dictate your life.

So, how do we shift our beliefs as quickly as possible?

Well, we can plant the seed of intention and patiently wait for it to grow.

But we can also acknowledge how our brains work…


Our brains respond highly to two things:

  1. Pain
  2. Pleasure

We can get our brains on board much quicker by understanding these are the two unconscious drivers in everything we do.


Introducing The Personal Power Formula™


Imagine you have the ability to shift your life on demand.

You have the protocol laid out for you, so all you have to do is apply the steps when you're ready to make a massive change.

How powerful would that make you feel?

Well, shoutout to personal development guru Tony Robbins, because now we know exactly how to do it.

You now have the knowledge to powerfully shift your life and take your power back.

Let's dissect and distill down this process to quickly install new beliefs...

First of all, this Personal Power Formula is not for the faint of heart.

It requires an impeccable commitment to yourself. This will be an agreement you make with yourself and your higher power as the witness. That's it.

You must have a fiery passion to make a change. A burning fire in your gut, so you have the energy to burn away the old patterns that are keeping you from changing.

Fire is the first element of transformation. So, it's time to make fire your ally.

What does the personal power formula look like?

6 Phases:

  1. Peak State
  2. Passion (Heaven/Hell)
  3. Powerful Decision
  4. Commitment & Conviction
  5. Massive Action
  6. Reflect & Refine

Yet, there is a secret phase.

And that is the phase before you get started.

It is represented by two elements, Air and Fire.

You must have a fire in your belly to make a change.

AND you must also have a clear vision in the air of your imagination to identify what that exact change is.

{Or none of this is possible, and you are wasting your time attempting the Personal Power Formula}

If you are ready (with a fiery passion) to continue the journey, read on...

If not, just stop now. And save this formula for later....


Clarity of The New Vision

By the fact that you reading this, it means the fire in your belly is established.

If not, your sole focus is to fan that flame.

Go tend to the fire in the core of your being so you have the stamina to make a major transformation in your life.

Now that it's established, it's time to create your vision.

I call this your "Live Your Vision Technique" (L.Y.V. Technique for short).

It's a metaphorical vision of your future creations.

It's a subjective mental canvas you can revisit anytime, and anywhere.

The key part is creating imagery that aligns with the core feelings you want to create.

{Allowing yourself to feel them as if they are happening in the present moment}


Let's say you want to make a certain amount of money.

You start by determining the exact dollar amount.

Then you extract the essence of how that will make you feel.

Then you determine how you intend to serve others to get that amount.

  • Bonus Phase: Add a date to the process (it lets your invisible supporters know you are serious about delivering your results by a specific deadline).

Then you decide that this is what you are committed to, and you will do whatever it takes to live into your end of the deal.

Congratulations, you've finished your first pass at making a powerful decision!

  • (phase 3 of the Personal Power Formula)

Now, it's time to "play" with your imagination and create a playful vision.


My L.Y.V. goes like this...

"I am hugging and kissing my girls before they leave for school. I have my wetsuit on because the waves are firing today. As soon as they walk out, I grab my board and follow. As soon as I get outside, I see a line of people down the block. I get a little scared, realizing how many people I have to serve. As soon as I get out of my gate, I start greeting people. Giving them hugs and high fives, and handing out materials they can use to instantly transform their lives. I get to the end of the block and see the line continues even more! I am shocked, nervous, and excited. But I go to cross the busy street of Sunset Cliffs, and as soon as I walk past, I feel ecstatic joy. I am so grateful to serve my gifts fully, while playing harder. I get to show up on a daily basis with ease, flow, and a whole lot of grace. I'm stoked as I go surf, to come back home and serve my gifts powerfully."


Let's dissect the key changes I am creating within myself...

  • Prosperous Business - In my vision, I am booked out years ahead. I have an overflow of clients and people that I work with. It's almost debilitating to imagine, but I know the only way to serve them is one at a time. So that alleviates anxiety.
  • Playing Harder - I'm living in flow and creating healthy boundaries for play and peak experiences. These activities help keep me clear, focused, and energized. Everything I need to feel and perform at my best.
  • Happy Home - My girls are loved, and I show them my affection every day.


I feel powerful, excited, grateful, graceful, and have an unwavering faith in a higher power and my abilities. I stepped outside the paradigm that I have to be "working hardcore hours" to enjoy a prosperous coaching business. I am the living embodiment of abundance, freedom, and love in a dark world of constraint and scarcity mindsets.

This is where I made a commitment (or powerful decision) to serve people in a certain way for a certain amount of money by a specific date. Ready to start this process? See the link below to create your own agreement.

More importantly, this is also a daily vision of what it looks, feels, and tastes like to be living the fulfillment of my legacy on a daily basis.

As I am living out my vision of my obituary that I previously wrote:

“David Enjoyed his Ride of Being Human and Loved his Girls with all his Being. He was the Legend that Created Love, Freedom, & Abundance in a World Overtaken by Constraint & Lack. David was one of the Greatest Agents of Transformation, Explorer of Possibility, & Looked to Create Gold Everywhere he went.”


This is what I am creating.


What are you creating?


P.S. Know I am here to fully support you in creating that vision


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