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How Not To Drown During Massive Change

awareness death healing personal growth rebirths spiritual spirtual awakening Aug 03, 2023

"The only constant is that the universe is a constant flux of evolution."


Since you are committed to growth, there will be a time when your foundation of reality will be shattered.

When this happens, know it is the metaphorical crack needed so you can expand into more potential.

It's not going to feel "good," but it is for your best good.

So how do you prepare? I can't say exactly, but I can share the lessons from my own experience...

In the past couple of months I have experienced mental burnout, lost sense of my identity, killed off an inner "part" version of myself, and completely resaw the path I have been on my whole life.

It's been humbling, exhausting, awe-inspiring, beautiful, depressing, and almost lost my sanity due to unstoppable mental chatter.

(Hence why I needed to take the last month off!)

Luckily I have enough tools in the toolbox to survive the internal hurricane.


If you are going through a complete rebirth process, here are some of the principles that helped me:


#1 "This too shall pass."

First of all, knowing it gets the darkest before dawn is always helpful to remember. Faith is the foundation of happiness. Faith is fear alchemized.

   - What personal practices get you into a state of personal and universal faith? Do you have a SOS plan for maintaining faith? That specific book, movie, or prayer that you can lean on when you get lost in the deep dark abyss?


#2 Mental & Emotional Surfing 

Waves, whether emotional patterns or negative thought loops are part of this human existence. The goal is to learn how to ride the waves vrs get crushed by them.


The 3 specific principles I practice to learn "how to surf" are:

1. Express - Journal, create art, share with a trusted advisor, or speak out loud about what you are going through and what negative mental chatter you are experiencing.

   - This is the first step to clear out the mind and will allow you to consciously work through the emotions you are feeling. (vs unconsciously being dictated by them)


2. Reset - After you ride out the heaviness of your emotions, they will eventually start to subside.

   - This is where you can utilize mindfulness and breathwork to clear out the remaining negativity and reset back to baseline. If you would like me to walk you through my favorite techniques, try the free 5-day healing experience.

3. Reflect - Once you reset, you can gain a bigger perspective on the situation.


Ask yourself:
   - “Is this a bigger pattern for myself?”
   - “What did I learn from this experience?”
   - “Do I need more help to get through this season?
   - "Who is that support pillar I can reach out to?”


This will...

A: Reframe the situation. (grabbing that Soul Gold!).

B: Give yourself the confidence that you can get through a tough situation.

C: Gift yourself the ability to lean on others.

(Personally, identifying as someone who "can do it on my own" for the majority of my life, leaning on others has been big for me!)


Remember: You have to do this work by yourself, but you are not meant to do this work alone.


Understand that this is the process to catch and surf a difficult wave.

But once you realize you can catch the waves, your whole life changes.

You level up to the next level of empowerment, where you realize you are building a foundation for a life of complete internal freedom.

And that my friend, is the path I am climbing, and here assist you in discovering your own internal freedom.





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