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34 "Golden Nuggets" About Life

Oct 26, 2023

This week I  turned 34, here’s 34 of the biggest personal and professional “golden nuggets” I have learned to date…


1. A golden attitude creates a golden life.


2. Everything shifts when you realize we are all interconnected.


3. The greatest journey is to unlock your heart.


4. Fulfilling your potential starts with one powerful commitment, and then walking the path of unfoldment.


5. You either consciously choose your values or someone will choose them for you.


6. If you understand today's currency is attention, then going inward is some of the greatest riches there is.


7. “People run processes, processes run businesses.” Similar to life... People run on rhythms, rhythms run the Universe.


8. Being process-oriented (vs outcome-driven) is a secret advantage.


9. You can’t perform at your highest output if you don’t prioritize time of no input (aka rest).


10. The past is the past, the future is an idea. The present is all we have.


11. Patience, forgiveness, grace, and compassion are the foundation of sustainable happiness.


12. “Your network is your net worth.” There is no greater wealth than a heart-connected tribe.


13. Shining the light of joy is a choice, and it's available to you in every moment.


14. The reason you became an entrepreneur is because you value freedom. >> Consider ways you can create more freedom in your life. (or) The reason you love working for a company is because you value safety. >> Consider ways you can create more safety.


15. The currency of the Universe is energy. How can you maximize positive energy and minimize negative energy in your daily life?


16. Fulfillment blossoms from making a positive impact.


17. Every moment shared with a loved one is a gift.


18. You are more powerful than you know. Choose to become the powerful co-creator that you are and everything changes.


19. When you understand everyone has an internal struggle, your perspective forever shifts.


20. Past pain will always continue to pull you down unless you dissolve it or transmute it.


21. Being alive = the never-ending process of overcoming challenges. Might as well embrace those challenges. (The way to mastery is to understand the sweet spot of flow)


22. You don’t want an easy life, you want an effortless life.


23. You can find beauty in every moment.


24. Realize the energy of creation is love. Therefore, you are, and will always be a being of love. (And you are never separate from your source!)


25. Have the courage to be honest with what you really want. Have the discipline to focus your will on creating it.


26. Emotions are not as scary as you make them out to be.


27. Marketing means “to make known.” If you have something special to share with the world, never stop “making it known.”


28. Be so good at what you do that people can’t shut up after experiencing your magic.


29. You are the only being in the infinity of eternity that has the same exact story as you. Embrace your story. (and write a new chapter if you don’t love it).


30. In every moment you have a new choice to embrace love and growth.


31. The universe is always in motion. You are always a process. Stop identifying as the old version of yourself.


32. There is nothing you “have to do.” Everything is a choice. Honor that and “choose” to do the things you do.


33. The mind will pull you into the past or future. The heart is how you fully experience the present moment.


34. There is nothing “wrong” or “imperfect” about you. It is only your limited viewpoint of yourself.


~ Stay Golden

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