The Golden L.I.F.E. Mastermind

Experience the Community Committed to Each Other's Growth & Achieving Exponential Results In Their L.I.F.E. (Legacy. Impact. Freedom. Energy.)

Step into Your Life of Extraordinary Impact and Fulfillment. Become the Legend that Lives Fully, Plays Harder, and Enjoys their Most Prosperous Life!

Gain the support, insights, and systems you need to create your extraordinarily rewarding life and have the most fun doing it with like-minded peers.

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What if you had the tools, systems, and support you need to effortlessly create your most fulfilling life?


If you are driven by legacy, impact, and leaving the world more beautiful than you found it, research shows these are the four most important pillars to focus on: Energy, Freedom, Impact, and Legacy.

Each domain affects and amplifies the other, and when all four are synergistically improving, your life exponentially improves.

But if you are going to soar into your extraordinary life, everyone needs a foundation, and that foundation is community.


This Is Your Invitation to Experience The Game-Changing Community of Impact-Driven Leaders, Committed To Each Others Growth, AND Having The Most Fun Along the Way!


How to know if this Mastermind is the perfect opportunity for you:

  1.  Making a Positive Impact is Your Higher Purpose: You're a service-driven leader who lives to support, uplift, and positively transform your customers, family, community, and potentially driven to make a positive dent on the whole planet.
  2.  You are Committed to Growing and Always Leveling Up in Life: In this changing world, the guaranteed path to future-proof your success, wealth, and expansion is in having mentors and peers to help you see new possibilities and step out of your comfort zone. If you want to experience growth, even in the most challenging of seasons, this is the opportunity for you.
  3.  You are a Seeker of Deeper Wisdom, Truth, and Freedom: You are willing to dive below the surface of an average life, and discover the depths of your being, including true peace, love, and freedom. You are an explorer of potential and motivated to understand how to create a life on your own terms.
  4. You Feel Like Something is Missing: Maybe you’re not attracting the tribe or peers you want to, you’re not satisfied with your current tools to stay in the sweet spot of growth, or you’re struggling to really push your potential and get the results you know you are capable of. 

What you'll do in The Golden L.I.F.E. Mastermind:

Learn & Grow

Be challenged to uncover and resolve every problem you currently face so that you can overcome roadblocks and stay on the path to massive growth.

Redefine Possibility

Start to experience the real potential you have in this very moment to co-create. Carve your path to get you exactly where you want to go, despite changing conditions along the way.

Maximize & Optimize Systems

Dive into every area of your life and discover the right incremental shifts that will add up to exponential change. Maximize your daily systems and optimize your L.I.F.E. so you can continue to grow in a sustainable way.

Support & Be Supported

Lean on a foundation of a diverse group of like-minded peers, all committed to making the world more beautiful. Connect, support, play, and level up together in the game of life.

The 3 Reasons Why You're Struggling To Achieve Your Next Level Of Success And Greatness:

  1. Lack of community and support

  2. Lack of clarity of how to properly move forward, especially in the face of uncertainty, with the potential to be stuck in one way of thinking or acting 

  3. Lack of true commitment and conviction to push your comfort zone and breakthrough to the next level of action



And if you’re used to getting results, but found yourself plateauing in life you may:

  • Be facing the difficulty of not having effective personalized coaching to challenge your thinking - because your current tools and methods can only take you to a certain level of success - but now if you wish to evolve its time to breakthrough
  • Experiencing a lack of systems and support to follow through on that new business idea, personal habit, or make time to do the things you love and recharge your mind, body, and soul 
  • Failing to maintain a sense of inspiration and community to push you to stay on the outer edge of your comfort zone and continuos growth in all areas of L.I.F.E.


What performers of all levels need today is a committed community that is driven to:

  • Fulfill their potential and legacy of leaving a positive impact on the world
  • Keep each other accountable and positively push each other to do better
  • Enjoy more playful ways to compete with fun challenges that are also backed up by research to increase productivity, resilience and vitality
  • Harness proven models and frameworks to 10x - 100x their thinking so they enjoy limitless creative potential and consciously expand their beliefs of what is possible 


This is your invitation to gain committed allies for creating your life of extraordinary fulfillment and breakthrough your limitations to the next level of internal and external prosperity   


Seize the opportunity to fulfill the potential of your:

L- Legacy: Money, success or fame don’t make you fullfilled. What really counts is legacy: the difference you want to make in the world.

I- Impact: Can you make your impact go deep or wide or both? How can you have a bigger impact on this planet? When you 10x your impact, you 10x your income.

F- Freedom: Every entrepreneur begins their career because they want freedom. This is the unspoken secret that is not spoken by entrepreneurs: We are craving freedom. 

E- Energy: What energizes, fascinates and motivates you? How can you commit and amplify those things for unstoppable energy?


How the Mastermind Program works:


  1.  Research-Backed Monthly Challenges

Learn and grow with monthly challenges. Develop new habits and behaviors that get you closer to feeling and performing at your peak state of performance. Not only will you be rewarded with personal transformation, but the scoreboard leader will get real-life prizes.


  1.  Go Deep with Live Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Once a month, you’ll be invited to a live online group session. Here you’ll get the chance to go deeper into your L.I.F.E., have someone inspire you with new insights and ideas, and get your questions answered so you’re always on the right path.


  1.  Share your Unique Skills and Experience with Monthly Peer Round Table Mastermind Discussions

Share your unique strengths and experience in a fun and encouraging space with our monthly Mastermind Call. Gain invaluable lessons, be supported, and accelerate your friend's growth as the community comes together in a group call.


  1.  Stay on Track with Customized Assessments

Want to stay focused and accountable to your goals? Take our periodical assessments, and get a deeper insight into your growth and progress. These assessments are designed to maintain your momentum and empower you to keep taking consistent action.

Enjoy effortless and exponential transformation, perfect for the busiest schedule


Total Live Training Time: Average of 3 hours per month


Busy? You can catch up on your monthly calls when you get the time. And all live sessions are recorded, so you can watch them at any time even if you miss one.


Stop growing alone: Enjoy peer-to-peer support through every step of your journey

  • In-Depth Masterminding: Gain the advantage of best-in-class shared skills to create deep transformation, attract the results you want, and make an extraordinary impact (in your life and with others in the community).
  • Peak Performance Coaching: Connect, ask questions, and get your challenges solved by a Coach with over a decade of training in peak performance- saving you from the surface-level coaching that comes with most group cohort programs.
  • Practical Hands-On Experiential Learning & Behavior Changing: Accelerate your growth by practicing and implementing everything you’ve learned through virtual challenges and researched-backed systems.
  • A Passionate Community of Badasses: Build meaningful connections and level up with your growth-oriented friends. 
  • Proven Systems for Consistency & Accountability: Track your progress, sustain your focus, and stay accountable to your goals with useful assessments that keep you on track, every step of the way.

The Golden Guarantee: If you join the community and do not love your experience, you can receive a full refund after the first 21 days! NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


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