THE FREEDOM EXPERIENCE - Dissolve The "Lead" & Soar Into Your Greatness!

The Full Freedom Package!

Are you ready to break free from your unconscious, self-imposed limitations? It's time you unshackle yourself from anything that holds you back. Unlock the power within and the freedom to enjoy the life you were meant to live. The Full Freedom Package is the ultimate combination of protocols to help you break through your emotional roadblocks and limiting beliefs.

After we finish dissolving your “lead” we'll work together on integrating and creating the next chapter of your life. David will take you through the Effortless Goal Achievement Gameplan™️ to guarantee you embody your newfound golden potential.

The Full Freedom Package consists of 3 Deep Dive sessions 1:1 Sessions and a powerful collection of D.I.Y. workbooks to ensure that you walk away completely transformed! This experience is truly like no other - don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your life to the next level!


Get ready to walk away feeling lighter, powerful, and excited about your future!

What you'll Experience:

  • Dissolve Your Mental Lead: 2-Hour Deep Dive Mindset Coaching To Breakthrough The Prison Of Your Limited Beliefs!   ($449 Value!)

  • Dissolve Your Emotional Lead: 90-Minute Deep Dive Alchemical Breathwork Journey To Release, Recenter & Renew! ($150 Value!)

  • Embody Your Highest Potential: Integration & Goal Achievement Gameplan Coaching Session to Guarantee You Walk Away Transformed & Excited About Your Future! ($249 Value!) 


Extraordinary FREE Bonus: 

D.I.Y. Workbooks for a Lifetime of Accelerated Growth & Healing! ($333)

  • The Limitless Playbook™️ - Stay empowered with take-home worksheets to break all limiting beliefs in the future! ($49)
  • The Golden Life Integration Journal™️ - One proven integration process for a lifetime of accelerated growth and healing! ($44)
  • The Growth Mindset Gameplan™️ - The workbook to keep you outside your comfort zone and stay in the effortless growth sweet spot! ($33)
  • The Peak Energy Playbook™️  - One playbook to annihilate burnout and optimize energy during stressful seasons! ($49)
  • D.I.Y. Flow Codes Guidebook™️ - Unlock 2x the amount of flow states in your life! Perform and feel at your best and get 2-5 more work done in the same amount of time! People pay $1,500+ for this type of coaching! ($159) 

+ Personalized For Your Schedule!

  • The Full Freedom Package consists of 3 separate one-on-one deep dive sessions. After you checkout you will have access to book the sessions when they are most convenient for you!

+ Key Insights Captured For You!

  • Throughout the entire experience David will take notes, gather insights, & upload them to your personal online portal for lifetime access.  


The Complete Journey of Total Transformation

  • The Freedom Experience is a 3-Week+ journey. This ensures that you will have David as your personal guide to break through the 21-day make-or-break habit creation window and walk away fully transformed!  

Total Value: $1181

Total Investment: $777 


Feel Free and Excited About Your Future or Get Your Money Back!*

*If you are not completely satisfied after the last session with David, you will receive a full refund! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

What People Are Saying:

David left me feeling powerful and excited about the future!

Stephen N.

There is a special energy about David! He made me feel very comfortable and I was easily able to open up and share. David is clearly an expert with transmuting our leads into gold! Post the Experience, my life has been opened up in such a positive way - in a way that it had never been before. I felt powerless before seeing David and he helped me turn my traumas into power! As well, I now have a heightened sense of freedom, hope, expectation and love. Now that I have been released from the bondage of my past traumas, I now feel prepared to live my great life and ready to bloom in a most amazing way. Indeed a most life-changing, amazing and magical experience for which I am incredibly grateful for. Thank you, David!

Barbra B.

My experience with David was genuinely life-changing. David's ability to share his unique gift, education, skillsets, and experience in a way that deeply embedded itself in my heart and mind was unfathomable. His ability to connect with me, hold space, and to mirror and reflect so well was a key difference-maker in enabling me to release decades of hurt, pain, and repressed emotion. He has also provided me with a myriad of different tools to help me continue on this upward trajectory. I am forever grateful for you, David, and this experience!

Paul S.

In a matter of two hours I feel more whole than over two years of talk therapy.

Bobby G.

$777.00 USD