11 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Manifesting

This masterclass will teach you the concepts and tips on how to start manifesting things into your life, as well as what not to do. Don’t set yourself up for failure (as so many do) by not learning the foundational principles before you start manifesting!

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“Ultimate power lies in becoming a co-creator of your own life.”


I have always lived by the idea that “by pursuing your own potential, you not only get to live your best life, but you help all of mankind.” I know firsthand, after losing my father at a young age that life is too short to live anything but your dream life. After a decade of learning, experiencing, and mastering techniques that helped me manifest my dream life (details below!), I'm now ready to help you do the same!

The principles you'll learn in this masterclass are the same ones I've used to:

  • Move from a 2 bedroom apartment into my dream home by the beach
  • Start my own business (where I get to drive a golf cart to work!)
  • Now teach others how to manifest at my store "The Meditation & Manifestation Supply Store"

-David Gilbert, Golden Life Coaching

What is "Manifestation"?

The art of manifestation is so much more than vision boards and wishing things into existence. There are foundational principles that ensure continued success.

The “Dos” of Manifesting

Learn techniques that you can apply immediately after the masterclass so you can begin to attract things into your life.

The “Don'ts” of Manifesting

Everyone teaches “how to” but then they forget to teach what not to do! Learn some critical ”don’ts” that will help keep you from sabotaging all your efforts.

I'm Ready to Join!
  • You are ready to finally say YES to your best life NOW. 
  • You are wanting to implement some tips and finally get some quick wins.
  • You will put the techniques to practice!
  • You are willing to learn new mindset practices
  • You are ready to be a co-creator of your own life!

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