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Good to Golden

You are invited to join a 3 month program, guiding you on how to utilize peak states for healing, inspiration, and the deepest connection with your significant other

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"To stand outside oneself"

  1. A moment of insight.

  2. A moment of total immersion in being.

  3. Your inner critic goes quiet, dissolving into a state of awe, wonder, where everything seems to click. 

  4. A state of elated bliss

n, pl ek-sta-sis

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What you will explore...
Questions such as, how do we cultivate the "sacred" into our lives, home and relationship? How do we practically honor and love our bodies on a daily basis? What practices can help me build an unbreakable foundation in life? What protocols leave me feeling fucking awesome and excited to take on all the "lead of life" (aka mundane, struggle, & challenges)? How do I strengthen the container of a relationship? How do I become my own self healer? How can I pursue the highest ideals of sacred union? Lastly, how can I blast off into peak states on demand???

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How this program works...
Every week (for 12 weeks) you will be given a 20-40 minute video, teaching and describing the week's challenge and additional things to explore. Each week will intentionally stack on top of the practice from the previous week, making the program feel as effortless as possible. There will be also be the option to join group calls/workshops during the program, and the ability to schedule 20 minute one-on-one coaching checkins to guarantee you walk away completely (and safely) embodying the practices after the 3 months.

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What This Program Promises…
Transformation, deeper connection, and a set of powerful tools that will last you a lifetime.
Before we blast you off into ecstasis, we will establish your foundational practices that keep you centered and grounded. Then you will learn how to stack various practices that supersaturate your body and brain with endorphins, that can be done alone, or with your partner. During the process you will also be guided on how to create your own calendar so you stay consistent with your new peak state practice, along with intentionally planning space in between sessions so you (and your partner) don’t get burned with addiction. Most importantly, you will have a guide who's sole focus is not only to safely coach you through these practices, but can promise you will walk away transformed with new tools that leave you embodying a new level of vitality in life.


What You Will Learn...

  • How to create Peak States and Flow States on Demand (and not get burned)

  • Daily Practices for Staying Centered and Grounded

  • Relationship Practices to Cultivate a Sacred Union

  • How to Create a Sacred Space in your Home

  • Discovering your Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Peak State Practices that keep you Energized and Fulfilled

  • How to Create your own Hedonic Calendar and Rhythm to keep you fully Charged

  • How to Safely create a Deeper, Intimate Sexual Practice

  • Breathwork for Non-Ordinary States

  • Crawl, Walk, Run Integration of the Sexual Yoga of Becoming Protocol

  • Decoding the Hedonic Engineering Matrix

  • Tactics to Alchemize Nuggets of Inspiration and Healing into your Daily Life

  • How to use Substances Responsibly

  • Advanced Self-Healing Modalities

  • "Spicy" Level Kink Practices to Last a Lifetime of Intimate Exploration

  • How to Charge your Life (like electromagnets) and start Vibrating on a new Frequency of Vibrancy, Love, and Joy

  • How to Cultivate an intimate practice that feels so amazing, you will rarely want to leave the house

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David here, your guide on this journey...
I lost my Father at the age of 11, sending me on the quest seeking answers and searching for what I call the “Golden Life.” A life overflowing with inner and outer gold, where you feel, and ultimately embody your best self. After decades of searching I've stumbled across the protocol on how to harness peak states of consciousness on demand, and now create systems to alchemize the energy, insights, and healing into daily life. These techniques have taken my relationship with my wife to extraordinary new depths, while skyrocketing our vitality, allowing us to experience (what can only be described as) embodiment of a higher frequency. I want nothing more than to help build a massive community of fully charged, "golden humans," excited to build a beautiful, coherent future on this planet.

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Phase 1:

  1. Building the Foundation

    1. What are “Peak States” and how do we create them on demand

    2. Partner appreciation practices

    3. Embodiment of daily practices for our mind, body, soul

    4. Foundations for building an insanely strong relationship

    5. Creating a Sacred Space 

    6. Daily Breathwork & Partner Practice

    7. Building a Foundation of Bodywork Practices

Phase 2:

  1. Strengthening Your Sacred Container 

    1. How to create your Hedonic Calendar

    2. Sexual Yoga 101 and commitment to sacred connection time

    3. Discovering your weekly, monthly, annual recharging practices


Phase 3:

  1. Touching Estasis

    1. Intro to Sexual Yoga of Becoming

    2. Level "mild" stacking protocols 

    3. Partner bodywork practices

    4. Intro to Holotropic Breathwork in the bedroom

Phase 4:

  1. Alchemizing & Level "Spicy" Protocols

    1. Level "Medium to Spicy" Practices

    2. Adding Fuel on Fire (responsible substance use)

    3. Advanced Healing Modalities

      1. Archetypes, IFS, Trauma Release Techniques, WWH, etc

    4. Exploring the ability to supercharge Intentions with your new frequency

Overview of the Programming...

This is not for the uncommitted or undisciplined. Those with a history of serious addiction need not apply. If you or your loved one are not open minded to the potential use of substances and exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness, this is not for you. Know there is potential for out of body experiences, and deep insights (that can bring up unhealed trauma). This is only for those dedicated to growth, fully committed to their partners, curious about exploring non-ordinary states together, and all in to take their life to the next level of happiness, positive vibration, and connection.

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What exactly is the 3 month, “Good to Golden” program?

This 90 day program is a coaching program that will teach you how to empower yourself with the ability to use non-ordinary states to heal, inspire, and forge a much deeper connection with your partner. It is a protocol of daily and weekly practices that bring you a sense of “ecstasis” (or ecstasy for life). Also known as Hedonic Engineering and the Sexual Yoga of Becoming, which was originally created by Jamie Wheal (shared in the book: Recapture the Rapture). After personally taking his online and in-person training, embodying it into my life,  I am ready to coach you safely through the protocol.

Who is the “Good to Golden” program for?

Ideally those who are in an intimate relationship that are deeply committed to each other. Now if you are single, that is Ok, as you can apply these protocols by yourself (and one day share them with your significant other).

What kind of things will we be learning in the “Good to Golden” program?

First, the daily practices needed to ground and center yourself so you can safely shoot off into non-ordinary states. Next, we will establish practices that strengthen the sacred container of a relationship, as well as how to create structure to keep you from getting burned by hedonistic tendencies. Finally, we will stack on protocols such as breathwork, sexual energy, and the option of substances to practice “blasting off” and alchemize the healing and inspiration into daily life. You will also learn about advanced self-healing modalities and other practices, leaving you with a lifetime of exploration. 

How do I sign up for the “Good to Golden” program?

It is a 2-stage process. Start by filling out this survey. If your application is approved, then you will be asked to schedule a 15 minute interview.

Why do I have to be approved for the “Good to Golden” program?

The promise is to safely get all members through the program. Some people don't have any sort of foundation with self-care practices or healing (and quite frankly, some newer couples are not ready for this amount of power!). If you (and/or your partner) do not have the right foundation built before starting this journey, the wheels can quickly come flying off. Think of this journey as metaphorically being guiding up a level 5 climbing adventure, if you have never even put on a climbing shoe before, this program will be too advanced and dangerous for you!

When does the “Good to Golden” program start?

As of right now, November 1st (all the details will be covered in the application call). The deadline to apply is October 28th. You will also receive priority access to join our in-person event towards the end of the training, date TBD.

Let the transformation begin.

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